Rally Speakers

Christy Kane, PsyD, PhD, CMHC

Expert on how electronics are affecting the human brain

“Healthy Sexuality in an Electronic Sexual World”

Smith Alley 

Teenage speaker and advocate against the harmful effects of pornography and social media

“Healing Papercuts: A Teenager’s Aspirations for the Future Generations”

Elder Michael Wilstead 

Area Seventy in the Utah Area, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Panel Discussion on Dating and Pornography


Jeff Ford, LMFT

Family therapist specializing in the treatment of the harmful effects of sexual addiction

“Pornography: Development and Brain Effects”

Donald Hilton, MD 

Neurosurgeon and author of He Restoreth My Soul

“Pornography: Development and Brain Effects”

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Teens and Young Adults Rank Not Recycling as More Immoral Than Viewing Porn

What actions do you think are usually or always wrong?


Taking something that belongs to someone else


Not recycling




Viewing pornographic images

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