father-son accountability

Let’s talk about accountability. Imagine this scenario: Your oldest son has just turned 13 years old. He spends a lot of his time on the Internet for things like school, video games, and watching YouTube videos. You haven’t invested in a filter because you’re positive that he would never look at anything “he wasn’t supposed to.” As time goes on, you start to notice a change in him but you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is. You begin to worry that he has been exposed to pornography, but how can you possibly talk to him about it?  (Photo used for illustration purposes only.)

John Fort and his son, Lucas Fort, co-wrote a book called Father-Son Accountability – Integrity Through Relationship that answers this exact question. John worked through a pornography addiction long before his son was born and eventually became a pornography recovery specialist. Although his son Lucas wasn’t an addict, John knew how pervasive online pornography had become and decided to set a weekly time to talk to his son about pornography and sex. Both father and son would hold the other accountable for leading virtuous lives. This book is about their experience.


This inspiring book will help you build strong accountability relationships in your family by answering questions like: What should I say? How am I supposed to guide my child toward sexual purity? What should I ask? It outlines what an accountability discussion should look like, such as asking, “What happened around you right before you felt tempted?” or “Is there a time coming up soon when you might feel tempted again?”

Learn why father-son accountability matters and how to create it. This book provides hope and inspiration to all who read it, and it just may change your family’s life.

Parents can learn more about helping their family be accountable regarding pornography at the Utah Coalition Against Pornography Stronger Together Conference on March 12, 2016 in Salt Lake City.


Author Rachel Denton has her undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University in Early Child Education and Child Development. She is currently working towards her Masters in Social Work. Rachel is from Portland, Oregon and is the oldest of five children.