UCAP Messages of Hope

We at UCAP are concerned about everyone’s well-being while we are staying home.  Many of us are experiencing increased stress from factors such as the following:

  • Decreased income
  • Uncertain financial circumstances
  • Fear of illness for ourselves and those we love
  • Change of routine
  • Decreased interaction with others
  • Intense amounts of time with family members
  • Fewer breaks from childcare responsibilities

These types of factors, combined with increased amounts of unstructured time, and time spent on screens, are in many cases leading to increased use of pornography.  With the current reported rise in depression, anxiety, domestic violence, and hopelessness, we at UCAP would like to offer messages of support and hope to those who are struggling.  Watch this space over the upcoming weeks and months for video messages from the remarkable people who were scheduled to speak to you at our recent postponed conference.

UCAP Message of Hope
Sathiya Sam

Sathiya Sam is a pastor, entrepreneur and coach with a passion to see people come alive. A brilliant communicator and clever innovator, Sathiya has created music, books and courses to help people around the world live a life of freedom. He is recently married, and based out of Toronto, Canada.

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