2022 Salt Lake City UCAP Conference

Boundaries and Healthy Connection After Betrayal

Now that I’m on the path to healing, how do I find spaces of personal thriving? How do I bring healthy patterns into my relationships? This class will help you recognize societal messages that could keep you stuck in unhealthy spaces in marital and other relationships. It will help you recognize common response patterns within addiction/betrayal trauma relationships, and potentially flawed belief systems. You will learn ways to shift into healthier patterns to avoid pitfalls that inhibit healing. This class will teach about the boundary/manipulation continuum and how to avoid common boundary-making mistakes.

Learn concrete recovery skills such as detaching with love and setting boundaries, that can provide hope and support for healing relationships and self.

Sherie Christensen

Sherie Christensen

Sherie Adams Christensen is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has worked nationally and internationally for over 15 years with trauma victims, sex addicts, spouses of sex addicts, and parents. Sherie loves helping parents comfortably teach their children and teens about age-appropriate healthy sexuality. She is trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy, a highly effective trauma clearing treatment. Publications include peer reviewed journal articles, and a book on teaching small children about healthy sexuality. She has been a speaker at many conferences and on many podcasts, and loves hosting her own podcast Two Therapists Talking with David Thompson, LMFT. She loves her work, family, triathlons, natural healing, clean eating, and being in nature. She can be found at www.sherieachristensen.com, www.twotherapiststalking.com, and at Lakewood Family Therapy.