Working together we can combat pornography and sexual exploitation. We can work to change corporate and government policies that facilitate sexual exploitation by profiting from the distribution of sexual content world-wide. We can change local businesses and community regulations to improve community standards and the environment of your own neighborhood. Whether you want to speak out publicly or work quietly from the shadows, come learn how you can be an advocate to defend dignity and how you can motivate change for good!

Dawn Hawkins, Executive director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (formerly Morality in Media) is a passionate defender of human rights who has dedicated her life to fighting against societal harms that threaten the dignity of others. Her energy, creativity, and mobilization skills have revived the anti-pornography movement. She developed a national strategy uniting conservative, women’s rights, child advocacy, religious groups, and political leaders on both sides of the aisle to work together in raising awareness of the pandemic of harm from pornography. Dawn has appeared on many national television programs, regularly authors articles, and speaks around the country addressing what can be done to curb the growing pornification of our culture. Dawn regularly volunteers for organizations devoted to helping children and the homeless. She is a graduate of Tufts University and currently resides with her husband, Michael in Virginia.

This session was part of the Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference in Salt Lake City on April 18, 2015.