2020 Salt Lake City UCAP Conference

Double Dose of Shame: Female Pornography Addiction

Double Dose of Shame: Female Pornography Addiction

Lacy A. Bentley

This presentation will cover a young woman’s journey through pornography addiction and healing. The journey continues into adulthood as a mentor/advocate/writer for female-specific recovery.

Attendees will have the chance to:
· Learn ways to better support the courageous, resilient women and girls seeking help
· Understand the isolation and additional shame of being a woman or girl with a “guy’s addiction”
· Gain insights and recovery techniques to help you get into and stay in recovery–two distinct and challenging issues
· Gather a list of resources tailored to or inclusive of the unique needs of female pornography users
· Identify the best groups, resources and support for yourself by also understanding the additional yet critical needs of women and girls in recovery
· Uncover what YOU need most to stay in long-term recovery

Lacy Bentley is a wife, mother of four boys, author, women’s recovery coach, and advocate for female recovery efforts. Her own pornography journey began in 1990 at the age of about 13. Now she advocates for research, new treatment and recovery methods for women, and education of parents. She wants every parent to know that their daughters are also at risk of addiction, and what to do instead of panicking. Lacy also wants every woman and young woman who struggles with pornography to know she is not the only one, then find reliable support. Pornography addiction is a human concern, not just a man’s.

Lacy earned her bachelor’s degree in behavioral science and psychology, magna cum laude in 2017. With over 20 years’ experience attending, running and mentoring in groups, she is well versed in the dynamics and language of recovery. This includes both 12-step recovery and additional options. She runs multiple groups for women in recovery, both in large free groups or smaller private groups. These groups meet on a weekly basis. A twice-certified life coach, she is celebrating ten years in recovery from “love addiction” this upcoming June. You may email her questions at Lacy@LacyBentley.com.