2019 Salt Lake City UCAP Conference

Effective Interventions to Keep Teens Safe On-Line

This is the first generation of youth that knows about dangerous on-line behavior before going on a first date. Hundreds of new and “exciting” teen dating apps exist to keep teens wrapped up in a world of risky behavior. Parents, teachers, school administrators, and law enforcement are at a loss at what to do and how to intervene to prevent the school to prison pipeline. Research shows that sadly youth don’t care about the potential legal consequences including scare tactics and outdated forms of education. As part of our community outreach at The Prevention Project,™ we provide educational presentations within our community in order to assist and empower teens, millennials, parents, teachers, counselors, and state employees (law enforcement, DCFS workers, etc) to help youth remain safe on-line. Our compassionate approach provides useful tools for youth to stay safe, healthy, and connected in a cyber-obsessed world.

Candice Christiansen

Candice Christiansen is the founder of Namasté Center for Healing, The Prevention Project™ Utah, USA, and The Love Ed. Movement.™ She is the creator of the Helping Generation Sext™ Prevention-Intervention Model for millennials. Candice is a faculty member of the International Institute of Trauma and Addictions Professionals, a board member for the Division of Professional Licensing’s Substance Abuse board, she sits on the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health’s (SASH) Press Relations and Advocacy Committee, and is a member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuser’s Global Prevention Committee where she consults internationally on prevention initiatives. She recently finished co-authored a chapter for a book being written in the United Kingdom about global prevention initiatives.

Meg Martinez

Meg Martinez is an LACMHC, an ASAT candidate, and the Clinical Manager of Namasté Center for Healing and The Prevention Project.™ She oversees the outpatient and intensive programs at both Namasté as well as The Prevention Project™ Utah, USA. She works closely with Candice on program and curriculum development, as well as presents with Candice on a  local, national, and international level on their prevention efforts with youth and adults. She facilitates some of our millennials and men’s sexual/relational recovery groups and works with our more challenging clients. Meg currently serves on the NOJOS (juvenile sex offender) committee. She recently co-authored a chapter with Candice on global prevention initiatives.