Encouraging Connections Counseling

To assist individuals in finding the courage and vulnerability to heal from the debilitating effects of shame and to create and strengthen their connections with others.

Who We Serve

Men, Women, Adults, Parents, Spouses & Partners, Other Family Members, Mental Health Professionals, Church Leaders

Services We Offer

There is a tremendous amount of shame associated with problematic pornography use for the user and the spouse. The Daring Way™ used as an adjunct to recovery aids in the healing process and shows how to create connections. I teach The Daring Way™ curriculum based on the research of Brené Brown in an 8 week format, 3 day intensives and 1 day educational format.   I offer consultation for professionals desiring to become Daring Way™ facilitators and utilize Daring Way™ concepts in individual counseling.


Lu Duke
699 South Temple Suite 201A
Salt Lake City, UT  84102


“I loved this course – one of the most helpful, literally life changing courses I’ve taken.”