2019 St. George UCAP Conference

Wholesome, Fearless Relationships:

Recovering from Addiction

Opening Keynote Speaker:

Spencer J. Cox

Utah Lt. Governor

Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox connected with the audience at our conference in Salt Lake earlier in 2019, when he discussed our need to approach the topic of pornography with empathy and understanding, instead of shame.  His vulnerability and passion made us eager to hear from him again in St. George.

Wholesome, Fearless Relationships: Recovering from Addiction

Hope is the ultimate vehicle for recovery, and hope can only be established by fostering relationships that permit and encourage honest conversations. Relationships where you feel safe acknowledging and embracing vulnerability are critical to building trust. Recovery is not a solitary journey – families, spouses, friends, communities, and state government all play a role in addressing and strategically responding to this health crisis.

Lt. Governor Cox and his family enjoy spending time in Utah’s amazing back country.  He also plays the bass guitar with his brother in a local rock band.