Fighting Fire with Fire: Practical Tech Solutions to Pernicious Tech Problems

It’s no longer a matter of family members having to actively pursue pornography by walking to the store for a magazine. Now, the same conduit that brings the wonders of the world to the palm of your hand delivers a never-ending stream of dangerous content into your home. Every web-enabled device under your roof is a wide open faucet to that 24/7 flow of potentially harmful material. But we need not be passive receivers of this content — we can and must be active managers of the firehose of information pumped into our homes daily. There are a number of technological tools that you can employ to get the upper hand over those who are happy to burn down the tranquil safety of your home. Come learn how to keep the flames at bay.

This presentation was given at the Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference in Salt Lake City on March 12, 2016.

Skylar Walker — Chief Executive Officer, Router Limits

Mr. Walker is a father and technology entrepreneur who is passionate about using technology to help fight the problems associated with pornography and other screen addictions. He comes from a background of System Administration and Software Development, with a great love for startups. He founded Router Limits as a direct response to the challenges of digital parenting. He saw that the kids were winning the battle, because they are so tech-savvy and so smart. Parents need tools that provide solutions that operate in the same way as the problem: fast, intelligent, and high-tech.


Russ Westergard — Chief Revenue Officer, Router Limits

Mr. Westergard is a proud husband and dad of three who’s deeply devoted to protecting children. He’s an admitted “startup junkie” with a love for early-stage companies. A seasoned entrepreneur, Russ has founded several companies and has over 15 years of experience in business management, sales, and marketing. He’s mentored dozens of entrepreneurs. Russ travels the nation to provide technological solutions for people everywhere to take back the internet, engage at the human level, and protect families.