Guiding Spiritual Healing – Ministering to Those Affected by Pornography


Leaders in many churches find they are the first responders when individuals and families are impacted by pornography and sexual addiction. How do you make sense out of the chaos of people in trauma? What is your role, and how can you help without causing additional harm? What resources can you share with people to help them begin a journey of recovery? These issues and more will be discussed in this panel discussion.

This presentation was given at the UCAP Stronger Together Conference in St. George, UT  in September 2015.

Steven Bangerter, Panel Host

Mr. Bangerter is recognized by the American Society of Legal Advocates as one of the top 100 litigation lawyers in the State of Utah. He is a founding partner of Bangerter Sheppard & Frazier, P.C. He has represented non-profit organizations, including churches, schools, and universities throughout the Western United States for over twenty years. He also serves as a stake president in St. George for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has many years of experience ministering to the needs of individuals and families.

Mr. Bangerter was joined by:

Daniel Weiss – Founder of Brushfires, accomplished lecturer, minister and teacher

Susan Green – LDS Church Stake Relief Society President, mother of 9 children, and school administrator

Chris Bracken – Bishop, LDS Church

Norm Thibault – Bishop, LDS Church, Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy