Hilary Johnson

Hilary Johnson

Creative Director, The Togetherness Project

Hilary Johnson is Creative Director at The Togetherness Project – combining two of her passions – graphic design and helping women find peace amidst adversity.  She finds comfort and healing when talking openly and realistically about the difficulties life can bring, and speaking at conferences on the topics of pornography addiction and teaching our children about pornography and media. She is passionate about her work with Togetherness and helping women affected by a loved one’s addiction find peace, healing, and community. She loves helping to educate parents about the need to talk to our kids about objectification and unhealthy beauty standards present in media and in our culture.

Hilary is passionate about educating the community about the issues surrounding pornography and objectification in our society.  She proudly serves on the UCAP 2014-2015 advisory board, is a member of the EPIK (Empower Productive Inoculated Kids) Alliance Community Collaboration team, has been a returning speaker at The Togetherness Conference with her popular class “Straight Talk with our Children About Pornography”, a past panelist at both LifeStar and LDS Family Services events, and has been a special presenter at multiple Church gatherings and community events. She is the mother of four young kids that keep her endlessly busy, and when she’s not speaking at conferences, she is up to her elbows in diapers and learning to cook everything from scratch (and without wheat) since her kids were diagnosed with multiple food allergies.  She’s trusting that old adage “whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”.  She and her sweet husband are celebrating eleven years of marriage this year, and are raising their family in the Salt Lake Valley.

“We had Hilary Johnson come and speak to a group of 70 women regarding talking to your children about Pornography.  The feedback we received after the event was full of hope and courage.   For the first time, women felt empowered to take a stand against pornography and thanks to Hilary’s presentation felt they had the tools to take an active stand.  Women told me they felt hope regarding this topic for the first time, others told me how motivated they felt to have more conversations with their children of all ages regarding pornography.  Another women told me how inspiring Hilary was for creating a safe environment for their children to talk openly about their worries in life.

Hilary’s presentation was full of current information, practical ideas on how to have difficult conversations with children, the need for respect and love and most importantly, hope in recovery.  It has been several weeks since the presentation and I’m still hearing women comment on how motivating the presentation was for them to start new habits in their homes and the good conversations they have had with their children since then.”
– Herriman Utah Mountain View Stake

Teaching children and teens
Pornography addiction & recovery
Recovery from betrayal trauma.

Contact info: hilary@togethernessproject.org

Website: togethernessproject.org