Hope and Healing Blog and Forum

Hope and healing for those that have been trapped or hurt by the effects of pornography.

Who We Serve

Men, Women, Adults, Teens, Children, Parents, Spouses and Partners, Other Family Members, Mental Health Professionals, Church Leaders.

Services We Offer

Resources for addicts and their loved ones. We also offer a private forum for women who are personally affected by the pornography/sex addiction of a spouse, boyfriend, or loved one. Come talk with other women who are walking this path, and see what has helped them find hope and healing. The forum has an LDS/Christian flavor to it, but any women looking for faith-based support are welcome.
There is a saying that “Wounded people can best be healed by other wounded people.” (by Rachel Naomi Remen) and this has been true for me. This private forum has been one of the top resources that has helped me heal and find my sparkle again.


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