2020 Salt Lake City UCAP Conference

How to Rebuild Trust after the Trauma of Disclosure (The Addict’s Perspective)

When a marriage has been breached by virtual or physical infidelity, it often seems like an impossible task to rebuild a fulfilling relationship based on honesty and trust. Not only is there the shock of disclosure, but a betrayed partner pieces together years of gaslighting and manipulation from their partner who was living a hidden double life.

Steven C. and Nate M. share from their own strength, hope, and experience about how an offending spouse can help in the healing process of their partner.

Learn how addictive behaviors and actions contribute to the trauma of a betrayed spouse.

Hear what they have learned about living in recovery from sexual addiction, and how their own recovery has contributed to their spouse’s healing.

Recognizing trauma and learning ways to take accountability, validate, and support are key factors in rebuilding trust after the trauma of disclosure.

Steven Croshaw is the co-founder and president of S.A. Lifeline Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing hope, education and resources related to sexual addiction and betrayal trauma recovery. He was instrumental in the production and publication of Understanding Pornography Addiction and Betrayal Trauma, A Resource for LDS Families and Leaders and Protecting Families from the Harmful Effects of Pornography, A Resource for Families, Religious and Community Leaders.  Steven and his wife Rhyll are frequent speakers at community and church events in many cities across the nation. They offer their personal, firsthand account and learning experiences that have shaped and refined their shared recovery. Steven lives his life of recovery one day at a time and is grateful to be 14+ years sober from sexual acting out behavior.

Steven is a commercial real estate developer. He has devoted many years of community service to the development of the arts and serving individuals, families and society related to pornography addiction and betrayal trauma recovery and healing.

Steven has been married to Rhyll Anne Croshaw for 46 years. They are the parents of seven children and 25 grandchildren.

Nathan Moller is a recovering addict who is grateful to have 6+ years of sobriety from sexual acting out behavior. He is a member of the S.A. Lifeline Executive Board and has been a Digital Marketing Advisor and Web Administrator for S.A. Lifeline and SAL12Step.org for the past four years. He has been highly involved in the development of both websites (https://salifeline.org & https://sal12step.org), including content creation, programming, email marketing and design.

Nate is the owner of a digital marketing agency, WEB801.com, that has been in business since December 2006. He has used his skillset with online marketing and his experience with addiction recovery and healing to contribute to the growth and expansion of S.A. Lifeline Foundation.

Nathan has been married to Becky Moller for 17 years and they are the parents of five children.