Love, Trust, & Truth: Talking About Pornography in Relationships

Pornography has made romantic relationships even more challenging for young people than they used to be. How do you know if you should tell someone that you have a history of using pornography? When is it ok to ask someone if they are involved? These four young adults will share how to get past the fear and talk about this issue in compassionate ways. Whether you are just beginning the dating stage, newly married, or advising young people, you will be inspired by this open and caring approach to building connection.

Nate and Shelby Astle

Nate and Shelby Astle are from Las Vegas and have been friends since childhood. They have been happily married for 2 years. Shelby recently graduated in Family Studies from BYU and has taught hundreds of hours of family life education courses. Nate just finished a degree in Behavioral Science at UVU. He has worked with families in crisis at Wasatch Mental Health, Chrysalis, and the UVU Strengthening Families Program. Both Nate and Shelby have applied for graduate programs and plan to earn PhDs. Nate plans to become a couple’s therapist and strengthen families, and Shelby’s goal is to create programs helping parents talk to their children about sex.

Crishelle Stegelmeier

Crishelle Stegelmeier loves to play and grow. She is happiest skiing, biking, camping, and laughing. Her life has been affected by pornography and sex addiction, and she understands the devastation and chaos that come from addiction and betrayal. Through it all she developed a passion for helping people and has taught hundreds about open and honest communication on difficult topics like sexuality, pornography, abuse, betrayal, and addiction. Crishelle graduated from BYU and is a recreation therapist at Acqua Recovery, where she teaches people to practice all the skills they need to live in recovery.

Nathan Leonhardt

Nathan Leonhardt is a graduate student in the Marriage, Family, and Human Development program at BYU. He was named valedictorian for the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences for the class of 2016. Under the advisement of Dr. Brian Willoughby, he has five peer-reviewed articles on pornography published in top academic journals and featured in popular news outlets such as Psychology Today and CNN. He is a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and the International Academy of Sex Research. He was one of the founding officers for Reach 10.