Mindfulness: I See You, I Love You.

Mindfulness: I See You, I Love You.

Dallin Bruun

A bumper sticker explains the mindful way through life.

Dallin Bruun is the the Director of Mindfulness at Addo Recovery and is a Mindfulness Based Stress Redcution (MBSR) Qualified Teacher from the Center for Mindfulness at UMASS Medical School.

In his previous life he had much success in several startup companies. Dallin won awards for design and have published books and poetry. Even with all the success, he found that the life he was living wasn’t congruent with who he felt he needed to be. Dallin was unfulfilled. He found mindfulness eight years ago.

Dallin has traveled all over the world attending mindfulness retreats and receiving training from the best. With his training he has helped individuals use mindfulness to overcome trauma, addictions, stress, depression and a variety of mental health issues.

Since discovering mindfulness, Dallin has found peace and happiness. He knows you can, too.