Recovery is complex. It takes work and patience. Jake and Polly outline their ongoing recovery with a personal account of the ups and downs of recovery, and the resources, tools, and general principles they use to continually build a secure marriage in spite of setbacks.

This session was part of the Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference in Salt Lake City on April 18, 2015.

Jake and Polly Scott have approached recovery together – one day at a time. As a humor writer, Polly is known for her blunt comedy and honest confessions. After acne, a tumor, and imperfect parents didn’t cure her depression, she studied the art of happiness. This skill led her to write comedy, prepared her to enjoy being single into her 30’s, and then accidentally marry a porn addict. Jake, a patent attorney with a penchant for cold cereal, realized the futility of trying to heal from addiction in secret. After confessing the truth of his addiction to Polly, he began a wholehearted recovery. Jake and Polly learned to fight well, freak out, stagger through the nervous breakdowns, and even laugh through the therapy, 12 Step, more 12 Step, and horrified looks. Jake and Polly used faith and the recovery process to move forward past mental darkness to a life of peace by letting the whole world know it’s okay to be hopefully flawed.

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