The Power of 12: Recovery and Healing Through Working the 12 Steps

We believe that addiction and betrayal trauma are not only physical, but spiritual as well. Thus, recovery and healing must include a spiritual process. One of the best ways to achieve long-term sobriety, recovery, and healing is through the spiritual process of working the 12 Steps. We do not suggest that working the 12 steps replaces qualified therapy, but is an essential compliment to it.

Individuals, couples, and families will experience peace and healing as the 12 Steps are worked and applied with a willing and honest heart. Both those working to overcome pornography challenges and those experiencing trauma from the addiction of a loved one can find help through this program. Steven and Rhyll will share their recovery journey of 43 years and present “The Power of 12”. They will share how their family has been blessed through working the 12 Steps . . . one day at a time.

This presentation was given at the Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference in Salt Lake City on March 12, 2016.

Steven and Rhyll Croshaw are founders of SA Lifeline Foundation and community advocates. S.A. Lifeline is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to providing hope, education, and resources related to pornography and sexual addiction recovery and the related betrayal trauma healing. S.A. Lifeline is responsible for publishing and distributing “He Restoreth My Soul” and produced “Understanding Pornography and Sexual Addiction”, “Protecting Families” and “What Can I Do About Me?”.  Steven and Rhyll are frequent speakers at community and church events in many cities across the nation. They offer their personal, firsthand account and learning experiences that have shaped and refined their shared recovery.

Steven is a commercial real estate developer. He served as a Founding Trustee and Chair of the Board of Trustees of Utah Festival Opera Company in Logan, Utah.

Rhyll is the author of “ What Can I Do About Me? Healing From the Trauma of My Husband’s Pornography and Sexual Addiction”. Rhyll graduated from Brigham Young University at the relatively young age of 58, where she earned a BS degree in Family life.

Steven & Rhyll have been married for 42 years and are grateful to be working recovery one day at a time. They are the parents of seven children and seventeen grandchildren.