Relational Air: Learning to Breathe New Life into Struggling Relationships


Trauma caused by pornography and sexual addiction can cause couples to hold their breath or lose their breath in a sense, as they try to navigate the devastating impact on their relationship.  In this breakout, learn how couples can manage these difficult times and why healthy relationships are key in overcoming addiction.
This presentation was given at the UCAP Stronger Together Conference in St. George, UT in September 2015.

Jeff received his BS in Psychology from the University of Utah and his MS in Marriage and Family Therapy from Purdue. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Jeff is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. He has contributed to the field by publishing articles about the practice of marriage and family therapy and regularly speaks throughout the community on the topics of pornography, marriage, and addiction. In addition to his clinical practice, he has been an instructor of psychology and adolescent development on a university level. Jeff specializes in working with individuals and families struggling with sexual addiction.