2021 Salt Lake City UCAP Conference

3 Needs and 5 Keys for Creating Better Connections

3 Needs and 5 Keys for Creating Better Connections

David Schramm

We are all born with the three needs of Safety, Satisfaction, and Connection. For most, connection within family relationships bring some of the greatest joys and yet disconnection and digital distraction can bring painful heartache. Drawing from his “positivity pyramid,” personal examples, and computer keyboard, Dr. Dave will share 5 science-backed “keys” for creating better connection between parents and children, including learning to become a first “RESPOND”er rather than a nuclear “REACT”or.

Known as “Dr. Dave” on campus and across the country, Dave Schramm is an associate professor and family life extension specialist at Utah State University in the department of Human Development and Family Studies.

After graduating with his Ph.D. from Auburn University, he worked as a professor at the University of Missouri for nine years. Shortly after arriving at USU in 2016, he was appointed by Governor Herbert to serve on Utah’s Commission on Marriage. He appears on television monthly on Fox 13’s “The Place” and he shares tips and videos on social media to help individuals, parents, and couples thrive in their life journeys.

From British Columbia to Beijing, China, and from St. Louis to San Diego, Dr. Dave has given over 500 presentations, classes, and workshops to a variety of audiences, including the United Nations and a TEDx talk in Florida.

He married his high school sweetheart Jamie, they have four children, he loves peanut M&Ms, and the Schramm fam lives in North Logan, Utah.