2019 Salt Lake City UCAP Conference

Porn-Resilient Relationships: How Parent Responses Grow Kids Up or Shut Them Down

Porn-Resilient Relationships: How Parent Responses Grow Kids Up or Shut Them Down

Taylor Chambers

Our children are being raised in a hypersexual world. Yes, they need protection, but more importantly, they need resilience. Your primary task as a parent is not to prevent exposure (although that’s critical), it’s to help your child mature sexually and as a whole person. The Porn-Resilient model includes 4 steps that will help you:

  1. Establish a healthy relationship with your child
  2. Prepare them by cultivating resilience, responsibility, and intuition
  3. Help them manage media through family culture, boundaries, and filters
  4. Navigate exposure to pornography by responding in a way that helps them grow and become wiser and stronger.

Learn which responses grow kids up and which responses shut kids down. And learn how balancing love and discipline can help you raise a porn-resilient child.

Taylor is a licensed marriage and family therapist. Taylor graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Family Science from Brigham Young University and then obtained a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Abilene Christian University. Taylor’s career has focused on treating sexual addiction, depression, and anxiety, especially with teens, young adult men, and their families. Taylor is the founder of Porn-Resilient Parenting, and currently works with LifeStar St. George and with Forte Strong, a failure to-launch program. He enjoys helping people grow as well as reading, hiking, and birding. The most important thing in Taylor’s world is his family.