Discussing the dangers of online pornography can be daunting for many parents— and focusing on its opposite, healthy sexual intimacy, is the key to success! We have created simple, straightforward solutions to prepare you to talk with your children and teenagers about sexual intimacy and the unhealthy effects of watching porn. These critical dialogues don’t have to be ‘awkward’, they can be incredibly empowering. Learn to leave shame and guilt out of these talks, build trust and improve the most vital of your communications. We will demonstrate how to layer various conversations, and express your personal feelings, values and cultural beliefs. If you can discuss these issues with your kids, you can talk about anything!

This session was part of the Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference in Salt Lake City on April 18, 2015.

Dina Alexander is the founder and president of Educate and Empower Kids. She received her master’s degree in recreation therapy from the University of Utah. She has taught in various capacities for the past 17 years, including marriage enhancement, art for young children, and group fitness. She has worked with teenage girls in a residential treatment setting, adults with drug addictions, and special needs children. She was raised in the Los Angeles area and currently lives in Albuquerque, NM with her husband and three children.