The Good Neighbor: How to Become a Healing Agent in a Hurting World


Sexual brokenness is all around us but few know how to personally help individuals and families that are struggling. With the mainstream culture embracing and even promoting destructive sexual practices, is there any place to which people in trouble might turn? From the very beginning, Christians have promoted sexual integrity and welcomed those impacted by sexual wounds. Using the biblical parable of the Good Samaritan, Daniel explores the opportunities every one of us has to personally offer significant hope to a culture in desperate need of healing.

This presentation was given at the UCAP Stronger Together Conference in St. George, UT  in September 2015.

Daniel Weiss, Founder and president of Brushfires Foundation Daniel Weiss is a writer, speaker and visionary — passionate about tackling tough questions about sexual identity with depth and compassion. He has spent more than a decade helping church and community leaders, educators and policy makers address complex situations surrounding sexual brokenness with hope and life-giving truth. Daniel’s writings on media and sexuality have appeared in Opposing Viewpoints: Sexual Violence, The Washington Times, The Denver Post, Citizen, Pure Intimacy, and BreakPoint Online, among others. Over the years, he has given hundreds of print and radio interviews and has shared the air with radio hosts Alan Colmes, Frank Pastore, Janet Mefford and many others. Additionally, he is featured prominently in the documentary film The Heart of the Matter: Finding Light in the Darkness of Pornography Addiction. Daniel has also presented at the Capitol Hill Summit on Pornography: Obscenity Enforcement, Corporate Participation and Violence against Women and Children in Washington, D.C., In the Image of God: A Christian Vision of Love and Marriage at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and the Conference on Pornography at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.