2018 UCAP Conference

Transparency: Relational Conversations that Help Children Avoid Pornography

Transparency: Relational Conversations that Help Children Avoid Pornography

John Fort

Exactly what can parents say to a child after explaining the dangers of pornography that will help them avoid it? Even when children understand these dangers, modern pornography is so alluring and readily available that few older children and teens can resist it on their own.

This presentation will illustrate parent-child conversations that help children identify the underlying issues unique to each child that make it harder to resist pornography. Once identified, we will consider two models for assisting children in meeting those internal needs in ways that reduce a child’s fascination with pornography. This provides children with concrete and realistic non-sexual alternatives to pornography use. These conversations have the added benefit of significantly deepening the relationship between parent and child.

John Fort, MST is the Director of Training for Be Broken Ministries. He has worked in the area of pornography addiction recovery and prevention over the last ten years. His specialty is training parents in prevention methods but also has extensive experience training support group leaders for those in recovery from pornography addiction. He began his work with Be Broken conducting 3-day intensives for men recovering from pornography addiction. He has a Masters degree in education and taught science to 7-12 graders for nine years prior to working in the area of pornography addiction and prevention. He is the author of Father- Son Accountability: Integrity Through Relationship as well as the upcoming book for 2018: Parenting for Purity in the 21st Century.