Find Answers to 5 Top Questions About:

The Problems with Porn

What is pornography? How many people are viewing it? It’s natural to be interested in sex – why try to make people feel quilty for that? Pornography doesn’t affect anyone but the viewer – shouldn’t we just let people do what they want?

Pornography Addiction and Recovery

What is pornography addiction? What are the effects of using pornography? What is recovery from pornography addiction? What are the first steps to take to gain control over a pornography addiction? How can I find a qualified therapist?

The Impact on Partners

If I have been using pornography or suspect that my spouse is, how can we talk about it? Why do I feel so confused, anxious, and crazy? What can I do to feel better? How do I know if my partner is making progress in recovery? What if my partner does not want to stop using pornography, or do what is needed to recover?

Teaching Children and Teens

What if talking about pornography makes my child curious and they go look for it? What age is the right time to start talking about pornography with my kids? How do I start a conversation about pornography? What are the most important things for our family to do to prevent pornography problems? How can parental controls help our family?

Community Action

Is pornography protected by the First Amendment? If obscene pornography is illegal, why is it so widely available? How do I report indecent or obscene material or activities in Utah? When I encounter indecent media, should I ignore it or speak up about it? How can I approach a business that is displaying or distributing indecent material?