Deanna Lambson

Deanna Lambson

BA, Founder and Executive, White Ribbon Week

Deanna Lambson is devoted to helping children navigate media with safety, confidence, respect, and positivity. She is the founder of White Ribbon Week, a non-profit which creates fun and empowering media safety programs for elementary schools including “I’ve Got the Power,” “Let’s Get Real,” “Be a Media Detective,” and “Brain Power.” Deanna has co-authored “Power UP for families,” a series of media conversation workbooks that help parents and kids build a supportive and trusting relationship—the greatest protective factor for children online.

Deanna has recently partnered with 3 other nonprofits, Project STAND, Fight the New Drug and RAISE to launch Safe Tech Solutions, a ground-breaking comprehensive, evidence-based media safety program for K-12 students and their parents.

Deanna is a frequent speaker and educator, inspiring parents with practical strategies and hopeful inspiration. She has presented at “Uplift Families”, “BYU Women’s Conference”, “The Togetherness Project”, “Utah Coalition Against Pornography” and state and national PTA conventions.

Deanna and her programs have been featured in “Women in Business”, and “Women’s Wisdom Network.” Deanna is motivated and inspired by the incredible power of parents. She cherishes family life with her husband, Don, their 6 children and 9 grandchildren. She is thrilled to have reached a 1000 day streak in Mandarin Chinese on Duolingo!

Conference Topic: Mistakes Come and Go but You Matter

Mistakes are a part of life. We all make ‘em! Miss an answer on a test? No big deal.  Bump a car in front of you? Oh well. Fenders can be fixed. However, when kids make regretted choices online the painful consequences can be long-lasting and almost too much to bear.  How do we help our children when they’ve made a mistake online? How do we help them feel safe coming to us for help? How do we reassure them of their worth when shame and sorrow tell them otherwise? In this break out session, we’ll discuss ways to help your child navigate those very difficult repercussions and tough emotions. We’ll learn practical ways to build resilience in children and help them move forward with self-compassion, confidence and hope.