Tori Rousay

Tori Rousay

Corporate Advocacy Program Manager and Analyst

Victoria “Tori” Rousay is the Corporate Advocacy Program Manager and Analyst at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE). Tori researches and documents how companies facilitate sexual exploitation and advocates for solutions to curb sexual abuse and exploitation, specifically related to emerging technology and AI.

She also aids in the development of resources aimed at reducing the demand for prostitution and sex trafficking, showcasing her commitment to practical solutions for complex social issues.

She specializes in addressing AI-facilitated sexual abuse and image-based sexual abuse (IBSA), merging her psychology and anthropology background. As a Texas A&M (BA) alumna and Harvard University (MA), Division of Continuing Education (DCE) graduate, her academic and professional journeys are
anchored in understanding and combating the intersections of technology with sexual violence.

Tori’s expertise particularly shines in her exploration of the challenges posed by AI and deepfakes by exposing how they perpetuate sexual abuse. Her graduate thesis, “Image-Based Sexual Abuse and Sexual Deepfakes: Narrative Experiences and Embodied Harms,” delves into the lived experiences of victim-survivors, highlighting the urgent need for informed policy and technological responses to these
emerging threats.

Dedicated to creating a safer digital environment, Tori’s work exemplifies the crucial intersection of technology, advocacy, feminism, and human rights, making her a valuable voice in the fight against online sexual exploitation.

Conference Topic:

Dismantling the Deepfake Facade: Sexual Abuse in the Age of AI

This presentation delves into the pervasive issue of AI-facilitated sexual abuse, exploring its prevalence and the profound harm inflicted on victims. The presentation will examine the nuanced impact of AI abuse, ranging from psychological distress to reputational damage to embodied harms. Highlighting legal gaps, vulnerabilities that leave individuals at risk are underscored. The presentation offers actionable strategies for combating AI-facilitated sexual abuse, stressing the importance of awareness and advocacy for stronger legal protections and technological accountability. Additionally, the presentation will discuss the vital role that BigTech companies play in detecting and mitigating these abuses, emphasizing their responsibility to safeguard user security and dignity. Together, we will uncover the truth behind AI-facilitated sexual abuse and champion a safer digital landscape for all!


Image-Based Sexual Abuse and Sexual Deepfakes: Narrative Experiences and Embodied Harms