CONNECT4Recovery strives to create a spirit of friendship, community and connection for those committed to long-term recovery from pornography and other sexual addictions.

Who We Serve

Men, Adults, Spouses & Partners, Mental Health Professionals.

Services We Offer

Member benefits:

Group activities – monthly get-togethers for conferences, group dinners, sporting events, camping/fishing trips, seminars, retreats, etc.

Communication tools – unlimited access to a private group communication tool for members to reach out for support from others when needed. Group discussions and topics presented throughout the week to help cultivate a culture of connection.

Webinars – online events with special guest speakers, addiction therapists, group discussions, and more.

Service Projects – as a group, we look for opportunities to serve families and individuals who have been negatively impacted by addiction.

Member networking – network with other members seeking job opportunities, services rendered, business connections, and making new friendships.

Membership is FREE!


Scott Brown


“Glad to be connected to this group.”