2019 St. George UCAP Conference

Standing Against Pornography by Standing for Healthy Sexuality

Standing Against Pornography by Standing for Healthy Sexuality

Dean Busby

When we are appalled by something destructive in this world we often speak out against it and develop strategies to defend ourselves and our families. A defensive mindset is important but in the end it is not enough. To effectively combat pornography we must help children develop healthy sexual attitudes and behaviors. A key to accomplishing this is helping children understand the relational purposes of sexuality and pursue those purposes rather than pursue sexual pleasure separated from relationships.

In this presentation core principles of healthy sexuality will be presented and strategies for achieving healthy sexuality will be described. These include developing strong proactive approaches to sexuality rather than reactive approaches to pornography by utilizing positive relationships between parents and children as a model and bridge to future relationships with adult partners. In addition, strategies for combating habits such as pornography viewing through focusing on proactive goals and strengthening family relationships will be provided.

Dean M. Busby, Ph.D., is currently a professor in the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University. He has taught and been in administrative positions at a number of universities including Brigham Young University, Texas Tech University, and Syracuse University. In about three decades as a scholar he has published more than 100 articles and book chapters and five books. His recent research has centered on the development and maintenance of sexual passion in marriage and development of healthy sexuality in families. With his recent scholarship on sexuality coupled with his past research on couple conflict, couple interaction, relationship assessment, and trauma, he has developed into one of the foremost scholars on the factors that lead to successful marriage. His research has garnered university and national awards, and has been funded by federal and state grants, and has been presented to scholarly and lay audiences around the world.

Recently he has been teaching the healthy sexuality in marriage course at BYU to hundreds of students and has taught graduate students how to conduct research on couples and families. His courses are popular and well-received by students who consistently express appreciation for the way his teaching helps them feel more confident and capable in improving their marriages and helping others do the same.

He has been married to his wife Colleen for 36 years and they enjoy their family of three sons and eight grandchildren.