Edward Smart shares his thoughts on the harm caused by many forms of sexual exploitation, especially to children. There is hope even in devastating situations. His daughter, Elizabeth Smart, joined him at the end to share where she finds strength to move on and create a happy life.

Internationally recognized child advocate, Director at Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), and President of the Surviving Parents Coalition (SPC). His advocacy began as a result of the abduction and miraculous return of his daughter Elizabeth in 2002. His focus is children’s safety including protecting children from abduction, bullying, abuse, sexual assault, and trafficking. Along with other children’s safety advocates, Ed tirelessly and successfully lobbied Congress and the Senate seeking passage of the National Amber Alert plan, the Adam Walsh Act, and The Protect our Children Act of 2008. He is currently working on state felony arrestee DNA legislation. He believes that “It is more important than ever to empower our children to know they have choices and options to be “prepared not scared” in the world we live in today.”

Ed received his Bachelor Degree in Finance and MBA from George Washington University. He and his wife Lois are parents of six children.

Elizabeth Smart is an activist and contributor for ABC News. She first gained widespread attention at the age of 14 when she was kidnapped from her home and rescued nine months later. She founded the Elizabeth Smart Foundation, which supports the Internet Crimes Against Children task force and to educate children about violent and sexual crime. It is merging with Operation Underground Railroad to combine efforts in the fight against human trafficking.