Fight the New Drug

We exist to provide individuals, especially teens, the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding pornography by raising awareness on its harmful effects using science, facts, and personal accounts. We also provide solutions for those struggling with an addiction to pornography.

Who We Serve

Teens, Parents, Mental Health Professionals, Church Leaders


Services We Offer

Fight the New Drug does hundreds of presentations all across the country at assemblies in high schools, junior highs, and middle schools, as well as at conferences.

Fortify Program – A free* online, video-based addiction recovery program that allows youth to create their own personal “Battle Strategy”, monitors progress, and helps stop the cycle of addiction. (*Free for anyone 20 years old or younger, and a very inexpensive one-time fee for adults.)



Clay Olsen 385-313-8629



Dropping knowledge on the harmful effects of pornography since ’08.


“I give Fight the New Drug Assembly my highest recommendation. Education is the key in addressing this difficult topic. This is an assembly that is 100% appropriate for our children to hear and see. Watching this assembly has provided an avenue in our home for open discussion about pornography.”


Melissa Judy

School Counselor