2017 St. George UCAP Conference

Being a First Responder—5 Positive Strategies Every Parent Needs to Know

Being a First Responder—5 Positive Strategies Every Parent Needs to Know

Deanna Lambson

“What is the best way to respond when my child sees pornography?” In today’s world, it’s a question every parent asks. “Can I keep them from becoming addicted?” “Is there anything I can do to make the situation better?” The answer is yes! Children can learn resiliency and a parent’s loving response can make all the difference. Deanna Lambson is a mother of six and has experience navigating these challenges with kids of all ages. In this class, she will share practical and hopeful ideas for responding with love and increasing resilience in children.

In 2009, Deanna Lambson, a U of U graduate, elementary teacher and mother of six decided to help the children at her local elementary school use technology in a healthy and positive way. She discovered a huge void when it came to teaching kids why and how to reject pornography. No one knew how to say it, and how to teach it to children as young as kindergartners.

Deanna was determined to change that. She developed a fun and empowering program for her kids’ school. “I’ve Got the Power!” quickly spread to other schools, was endorsed by the Utah State PTA and is being used nationally. She has since published “Let’s Get Real”, “Be a Media Detective!” and “Brain Power!”

Deanna is the founder of whiteribbonweek.org. She has been a featured presenter for the Togetherness Project, Utah Coalition Against Pornography, BYU Women’s conference, and First Lady Jeanette Herbert’s initiative, “Uplift Families”. Deanna and her husband Don live with their children and five fainting goats in Sandy, Utah.