2020 Salt Lake City UCAP Conference

Guidance for Parents: How to Support a Child Caught in Pornography

Guidance for Parents: How to Support a Child Caught in Pornography

Karen Broadhead

No matter how messy it gets, we have the power to guide our wounded child. There is power in our love, and we can find the message, even the miracle in our mess.

Parents have a purpose! My unique role is to cheer, love, and encourage. It is my child’s job to fight and change behaviors.

I am a caregiver, not a healer! I know people are designed to heal and it’s always a process with individual timing.

My child is not my enemy! I can love my child in their journey whether or not they accept help. My love can be a weapon of light.

I will fight my own battles! Parents can’t fight their children’s battles, and that’s okay. Learn to stay in your own lane.

When parents receive support, tools, and training, we are able to guide our child in positive ways and feel peace regardless of circumstances.

Karen is passionate about serving families in pain or trauma involving pornography and other life challenges. She is the founder and director of Mothers Who Know, a free, weekly, online support group for women with a loved one in therapeutic need. She shares her own experiences of hope and healing and advocates training for the whole family. Karen has mentored and taught hundreds of students in her classes and has over 400 hours of recordings on her website – motherswhoknow.org. Karen’s webinar, Mom Power Training, strengthens all women and gives them tools to help their families. Her book Momma Trauma: Now What? is a compilation of principles she has shared for over ten years. Karen hosts and interviews guests in the podcasts: Like Dragons Did They Fight and Mothers Who Know, and she spreads hope and understanding in speaking engagements around the country. Karen has served as a UCAP board member and currently serves on the Reach 10 Advisory Board.