The Healing Path After the Trauma of Betrayal

In this session, Tray and Melody present the necessary steps to healing after the trauma of betrayal and/or infidelity. Unfortunately, the counsel that many receive after betrayal, especially in faith-based organizations, is to quickly move past the incident and chose one of two extremes: 1) forgive and forget or 2) quickly abandon the relationship. Both of these options hinder the healing process in that neither encourages the individual to work through and honestly deal with the very real emotions present after a spouse’s betrayal.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the beginning and end of the presentation failed. Many of their slides can be seen at the end of the video. Our deepest apologies for this problem.

This presentation was given at the Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference in Salt Lake City on March 12, 2016

Traylor Lovvorn has a BS in Religion from Samford University. He has been a pastor and ministry leader for the past 20+ years.He also has a background in marketing and design that he has used to help churches, ministries, and other non-profits effectively tell their story over the years.

Tray was married for 11 years before his secret struggle with pornography and sexual addiction ripped his family apart, leaving his wife and 4 children to try to figure out what had happened to Daddy. After 6 years of divorce and much counseling and recovery, God miraculously restored his family and he was remarried to his ex-wife Melody in 2008. Tray facilitates a weekly recovery group for men and spends much of his time counseling and encouraging those who are experiencing the painful reality of sexual addiction. Tray and his wife Melody live in Birmingham with their four children.

A graduate of Samford University with a degree in music and vocal performance, Melody Lovvorn taught 3 years of music before deciding to come home to raise her children. Melody uncovered her husband’s betrayal in 2000, and has lived through the nightmare of having her family torn apart when her children were 6, 4, 2, and 6 months. After walking her own path of healing and wholeness, Melody and her ex-husband Tray were remarried in 2008. Along with Tray, Melody has been devoted to personally coaching and walking with others who are currently living through the pain and trauma of their partner’s betrayal. She has been committed to encouraging and walking with women for the past seven years and offers hope to betrayed spouses that there is life after their worst day. She is passionate about facilitating a weekly women’s support group, educating and creating awareness to students, families and communities on prevention, digital safety, and healthy sexuality.

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