2019 Salt Lake City UCAP Conference

Foundations of Healthy Sexuality

Foundations of Healthy Sexuality

Jessica Holfeltz, ACMHC

A clear understanding of healthy sexuality is foundational for navigating our society as a whole as well as the pornographic, exploitive culture. This presentation explores the empowerment that comes from using accurate, clear sexual health language, viewing sexual health as a progressive journey and not a destination, and exploring one’s own vision of sexual health in relation to values, beliefs, and personal experiences. In addition, attendees will be given tools to help themselves identify where they are in their own sexual health development as well as how they appropriately and effectively, without shame teach their children about sexual health. This presentation also explores special topics such as women’s sexual health, and attachment and healthy daily living management. Connection to one’s self and to one’s partner is paramount to intimacy and healthy sexuality. This presentation explores the foundation of connecting to the self in preparation to connecting to another person, on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Selfexploration precedes exploration of intimacy and connection as a couple.

Jessica Holfeltz is an Associate Clinical Mental Health Counselor who specializes in trauma recovery, out of control sexual behavior, and education in sexual health. She received her Bachelors of Science in Social work and her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health counseling. Jessica completed several internships with LifeStar Network while in school before being hired in December 2016. She has worked alongside Corey Holmgren and helped create a step-by-step model, teaching how couples can find a healthy attachment and intimacy with their partner. She lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with her amazing husband and three amazing children.

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