2019 Salt Lake City UCAP Conference

The Four Pillars of Pornography Prevention: A Proactive Plan for Protecting Kids

The Four Pillars of Pornography Prevention: A Proactive Plan for Protecting Kids

Kristen A. Jenson

Pornography sneaks into the lives of even the youngest children who have access to mobile devices. No child deserves to face the predatory porn industry alone, but how do parents build resilience in their children so they not only know how to reject porn, but they want to?

Raising kids in a hyper-sexualized world requires a comprehensive parenting strategy, not just a few tips on how to talk to kids about pornography. For years, best-selling author Kristen Jenson has been researching the best ways to strengthen kids against the pull of porn. In this class, you’ll learn the Four Pillars of Pornography Prevention™ to guide parents step by step in raising porn-resistant, emotionally healthy kids who are armed to reject harmful media and messages. Plus, parents will discover 6 strategies for keeping love at the center of the relationship while negotiating the stresses of parenting in the digital age.

Woven into this presentation will be memorable success stories as well as cautionary tales gleaned from eight years of speaking and interacting with parents and professionals. Additionally, parents will leave with practical ideas they can begin applying in their homes immediately. Kristen will also provide a handout that includes a presentation outline and a list of helpful resources.

Kristen A. Jenson is the author of the Good Pictures Bad Pictures series of read-aloud books, including the best-selling Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Porn-Proofing Today’s Young Kids and Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds. She founded ProtectYoungMinds.org, a website to help parents empower their kids to reject pornography. Kristen is a popular speaker and guest on many media platforms. She is a leader in the Safeguard Alliance of the National Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation and testified before the Washington State Senate Law and Justice Committee on the public health crisis of pornography.