2018 UCAP Conference

You are NOT your Brain: The Power of Spirituality in Recovery

You are NOT your Brain: The Power of Spirituality in Recovery

Mark Kastleman

For more than 30 years, I fought pornography and sexual addiction on the battlefield of my mind, only to fail countless times. Shame, fatigue and hopelessness pushed me deeper into addiction and isolation. My path to true and lasting freedom began when I learned that I am NOT my brain! I am a spiritual being with instant access to spiritual power, insight, resources and support that are unhindered and unlimited by the narrow confines of my ego-centric-brain. In this workshop, I will share three spiritual tools my clients and I have used on the road to breaking free from severe and stubborn sexual addiction. These tools have been highly effective for addicts across the world with myriad and varied beliefs and backgrounds. There is no isolated “me” in real recovery. Come and learn about spirituality and the power of “We.”

Mark Kastleman is an internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer and author. Mark is a Board Certified Clinical Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor with a specialty in addiction recovery and behavior change. He has worked with neuroscientists and psychologists in developing education and training programs used worldwide to help individuals overcome addiction and other difficult-to-change behaviors.

Mark’s special area of focus is providing hope and healing to men trapped in pornography and other sexual addictions. Mark has worked with struggling individuals in more than 80 countries. Mark’s book, The Drug of the New Millennium—The Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use, has been published in four languages and is widely cited and utilized by therapists, counselors and clergy. Mark is in successful long-term recovery from his own 30-year battle with sexual addiction.

Mark provides personal counseling and support to individuals along the Wasatch Front through his intensive recovery program known as “Reclaim” located in Sandy, Utah. (www.reclaimyourtrueself.com)

Mark’s latest book, The Pornography Paradox: Why LDS men are too often trapped in Sexual Addiction and How to Break Free, is being released for the first time at the UCAP Conference. Visit their website at: www.thepornographydparadox.com.