2018 UCAP Conference

Pervasive Access: Mobile as a Gateway to Addiction

Pervasive Access: Mobile as a Gateway to Addiction

Chris Carlston

The numbers speak for themselves – smartphones are everywhere. Making sense of the long-term impacts on our individual wellbeing as a “connected society” can be tough. Digital Strategist Chris Carlston will break down some of the massive numbers, sneaky business models, and potential future impact that being “always online” may pose and outline some key strategies on how to avoid the pitfalls that can easily consume our lives.

Chris Carlston is a seasoned technologist in entrepreneurial, agency, and corporate environments with extensive background in digital strategy, software development, integrated marketing communications, brand management, and user experience design. 

The University of Utah provided him with a degree in Mass Communication Technology with a focus on Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), and Chris returns regularly to the College of Communication to lecture in the IMC specialty program. A veteran of multiple startups and advertising agencies, with a specialty of building and leading software engineering teams, Mr. Carlston is a wellspring of knowledge of almost anything “digital.”

As a man of faith and family, Chris has recently pivoted the breakneck pace of his career and took a sabbatical year to be with his young children and wife. Ramping back up to speed with consulting services, he has helped as an “executive for hire” in purpose-driven businesses. He served briefly as Vice President to Alpaca Audiology, a group purchasing organization (GPO) that is disrupting the hearing aid industry, and is currently now advising LifeStar, a large network of therapy clinics that aid those with process addictions.