S. A. Lifeline Foundation

“Recovering Individuals, Healing Families.” Providing hope, education, and resources related to pornography and sexual addiction recovery.

Who We Serve

Men, Women, Adults, Parents, Single Adults, Spouses & partners, Other family members, Mental Health Professionals, Church leaders


Services We Offer

Recovery information and education on pornography addiction and betrayal trauma.

S.A. Lifeline twelve-step group fellowships.

Resources and support for qualified professional counselors.

Resources and support for church leaders advising those who are seeking recovery and healing.




Steven and Rhyll Croshaw
Mountain Point Office Plaza
2940 West Maple Loop Drive
Thanksgiving Point
Lehi, UT




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Humility, accountability, honesty and a willingness to surrender are fundamental attributes for individual recovery and healing

Support in these 4 areas is critical to lasting recovery: qualified therapy, spiritual assistance, education, and becoming involved in 12-step.