Community standards are preserved – or allowed to decline – through the actions or inaction of local citizens. Learn how to keep your neighborhood businesses, schools, and entertainment options family-friendly. Hear the stories of Utah citizens just like you who are speaking up to benefit everyone in their community. Adrianne Thygerson and Shelley Devries will join Aimee to share their experiences with community action.

This presentation was originally given at the Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference in Salt Lake City on March 12, 2016. The video was re-recorded and split into three parts following the conference.

Aimee Winder Newton serves on the Salt Lake County Council and was the first Republican woman elected to the Council. She believes pornography use among children is a public health issue and has helped get Fight the New Drug assemblies into schools in Salt Lake County. Aimee advocated passage of Taylorsville City’s Child Appropriate Resolution over a decade ago, and is the White Ribbon Week Chair at her local elementary school. She and her husband, Matt, have four teenagers who hear frequent talks around the dinner table about healthy sexuality and the dangers of pornography.

Panel members

Adrianne Thygerson is a mother of four and has worked with youth in many organizations.  She recently helped the Sandy City Council pass a resolution that strengthened a child-appropriate standard in Sandy City.  As a community advocate she encourages education about the harms of pornography and community involvement to protect children against harmful materials.  She believes we all have a role to play in defining and defending a strong community standard.

Shelley Youd DeVries became involved in decency activism began when she was shocked by an inappropriate TV advertisement and began a national campaign against the advertising company and CBS.  Shelley has worked with retail outlets to cover magazines and rid stores of indecent displays.  She was a founder of Women for Decency, and was instrumental in passing the Child Internet Protection Act requiring filters at Utah libraries.  Shelley participated in creating the video “Pornography the Great Lie,” contributed to the book Confronting Pornography and has lectured at BYU Education Week.  Shelley’s hope is that all Utah citizens will be willing to SPEAK up about this issue in their local communities.  Shelley is married to Daniel DeVries and is the mother of four children.