Panel Members:

Natale McAneney is the COO of Fight the New Drug, a youth movement dedicated to raising awareness on the harmful effects of pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation using science, facts, and personal accounts. She got involved with the organization after graduating with a BFA from Westminster College. Natale has always been driven to raise awareness on all forms of sexual exploitation and promote change through creative mediums, and Fight the New Drug has been a natural fit for her to continue to do that. As a millennial herself, she is driven to educate this generation on the harmful effects of pornography so that they can make educated decisions regarding pornography in this modern world where technology makes it so easily accessible.

Jason S. Carroll, Ph.D. is a Professor of Marriage and Family Studies in the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University and a Fellow of the Wheatley Institution. He received his Ph.D. in Family Social Science from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Carroll is an internationally-recognized researcher and educator in the areas of marriage fragmentation, sexual intimacy, marriage readiness among young adults, the effectiveness of marriage education, and modern threats to marriage (such as pornography, delayed age at marriage, materialism, premarital sexuality, and non-marital childbirth). Dr. Carroll’s work has been featured in the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the LA Times, Newsweek, USA Today, Psychology Today Magazine, National Public Radio, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and other popular media and news outlets.

Cade Hawks, a voice for virtue, is a Student at NUAMES High School (Class of 2017). He is 17 years old. He is a Boys State graduate and a volunteer with Builders without Borders. He is also an Eagle Scout and an Early College student at Weber State University. He has three siblings and two awesome parents. He enjoys everything about music from listening to playing it on his guitar. He is a youth power voice for “Voices for Virtue.”

Karen Broadhead is the founder and director of Mothers Who Know (formerly Mothers of the Sons of Helaman), a support group specializing in helping mothers who have a son or daughter battling addiction. After years of living in shame and blaming herself for her son’s pornography addiction, Karen developed tools and techniques to help women experience joy and peace regardless of the choices of their loved ones. You will find her every Tuesday teaching free online classes to mothers all over the country who are looking for healing through the Savior, Jesus Christ. Mothers Who Know is the parent support program for Life Changing Services.

Zachary Andrews is 22 years old and is from Henderson, NV. He is a junior at BYU studying psychology, with an emphasis in Addiction Recovery. He is himself an addict in long-term recovery and happily married to his wife, Rachel.