Pornography: The Great Miscalculation

Are you working with those who are struggling with porn addiction? Underestimating pornography’s power can spell disaster for so many. Porn DOES kill love. It dismembers families. It takes minds and hearts hostage. It tortures its users and victims.

In this session, Vinny shares his personal story and exposes some of the biggest myths and misconceptions that led to “the greatest miscalculation of my life,” and the misguided choices that found him losing everything he said he valued most: his family, his dignity, his career, and his freedom.

Join Vinny to understand how exposing common misperceptions about porn use, and replacing them with truth, paved the way for his escape from “the darkest abyss.”

This presentation was given at the Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference in Salt Lake City on March 12, 2016.

Vinny Barborka, MMHC

Vinny Barborka is the Managing Director of Candeo, a popular online resource for those struggling with unwanted sexual behaviors ( His life experience finds him uniquely qualified to help Candeo members around the world find hope and healing.

In 2010, Vinny was honored as the top graduating senior in Sociology at the University of Utah. In 2015, Vinny received his Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Vinny co-authored “Crossing Boundaries,” a cognitive behavioral workbook for clinicians working with court-ordered sex offenders, and has created over one hundred articles, podcasts and videocasts for Candeo.

Vinny shares his story with law enforcement, legal, religious, and therapeutic groups on the myths, misconceptions, and miscalculations used to justify porn use, and the potentially devastating and life-altering consequences of even its casual use.