2022 St. George UCAP Rally

The Relationship Bullseye

This presentation will look at the process of creating healthy relationships and the mistakes that can cause pain.

The discussion will cover:

  • How to gather information about people to see if they are a good fit to have in our lives
  • Why connection with people is so important
  • Red flags in relationships and ways to know when they are dealbreakers
  • How to recognize and interpret the information people give us

Angela Biesinger, LCSW

Angela Biesinger, LCSW

Angela Biesinger graduated from the University of Utah with a master’s degree in social work in 2002. She completed an internship at the Family Support Center, where she worked with clients who had experienced sexual abuse and trauma. Ms. Biesinger has been at Family Services for the past 16 years. She provides individual and group therapy, and was trained in EMDR in 2019. She is passionate about helping people heal from the trauma they have experienced. Angela has been married for 17 years and in January she will have three teenagers.