How to Report Indecent Billboards

Phil Burress, founder of Citizens for Community Values and a keynote speaker at one of our past conferences, has some suggestions on how to complain about a billboard in your community.

  1. Contact the company that owns the billboard, not the advertiser, and make a respectful appeal to remove it.
  2. If the owner refuses to remove it, take a photo of the offensive billboard. Keep one for your records.
  3. Send a photo with name, address and phone number of the billboard owner and the exact address of the billboard to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America for determination whether the billboard owner is violating the OAAA code of ethical conduct.
  4. If there is an ethical violation, the OAAA will contact the association member directly.

Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 1850 M Street N.W., Suite 1040, Washington, DC, 20036