With all the influences affecting dating and relationships today, the new reality is the pornography is a big issue. It’s time to bring it out in the open and talk about how to bring it up in a dating relationship, how to support friends while keeping safe boundaries in place, and how to understand what real recovery is.

Jill Manning

Jill Manning

Dr. Jill C. Manning understands these issues, and will have a breakout for singles at the UCAP Conference on April 18. She notes, “Pornography has deeply impacted the social landscape singles face. Consequently, many singles have valid and pressing questions about this issue and wonder how to navigate a healthy and fulfilling path despite it – especially when it comes to relationships. This presentation will address many of these questions and concerns, as well as invite participants to further clarify and strengthen their own stance on pornography by reflecting on questions that will be posed during the session.”

We are so pleased to have Jill Manning speaking. She is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist who specializes in pornography and its impact on families. She has testified about the harms of pornography before a Senate sub-committee. She speaks on the Time Out for Women circuit, and has published some great resources such as What’s the Big Deal about Pornography?

Following her breakout, the conference will have a panel of single adults who are living the reality of this social change.


Annie Vandermyde is a hair stylist, photographer, and single mom on the road to recovery after dealing with the consequences of a loved one’s addiction to pornography. She understands and encourages those who are dealing with either side of this addiction, and is learning what to be aware of and how to build a healthy relationship.

Bonnie Young is doing research on this very issue for her grad work at BYU. And there will be more panel members TBA.

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