1. Ted

    Pornography doesn’t always lead to other problems but there is evidence that in some people with addiction-prone personalities it can turn into a behavioral addiction and one that is proven to be harder to break than even substance abuse addictions. Take a look at some of the short videos on this website to see what I mean: http://mymensgroup.weebly.com/addiction-recovery-resources.html. It’s interesting to see that Utah just yesterday passed a law regarding pornography in the state. It doesn’t have any real teeth at this point but clearly they are trying to clean up their brand given this article from back in 2009. I applaud their efforts.

  2. Elena

    I’m sure you already know these, but Porn Again Christian Driscoll, Sexual Detox Challis, A Conversation Keller, Piper and Carson (video), Not Even a Hint Harris. I’m trinyg to think of good sermons for it. It comes up in a lot of sermons, but I’m having a hard time thinking of whole sermons dedicated to it. Perhaps Driscoll’s sexual sin sermon from Religion Saves (there’s also his book on that series).

    • Vauna Davis

      Good suggestions!


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