Join us on Saturday, April 24, 2021

10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (Mountain Time)

Since 2002 UCAP has been bringing to Utah one of the biggest anti-pornography conferences in the world.  The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted our annual conference schedule, but we are using this opportunity to re-examine how to reach as many Utahns as would benefit from the information we provide.  This year’s conference will be a live streamed event featuring two keynote speakers with four short talk speakers between.  We look forward to sharing this excellent experience with you.

Opening Keynote Speaker:

Sharon Eubank

President, Latter-day Saint Charities

Having Practical Conversations About Pornography that Reduce Shame and Bring Help

Ever wondered how to broach the subject of pornography with your kids, your spouse, your fiancé, your school, your legislator? Silence and isolation give it too much power. Come hear practical advice and real-life stories about families tackling pornography without shame. Explore resources from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about having meaningful conversations with the people you love, in the communities where you live.

Sharon Eubank is the president of Latter-day Saint Charities which works in more than 2000 communities in 160 countries each year.  Its focus is to accelerate community preparedness and recovery during emergencies and assure children’s access to health and education.  Since April 2017, Sharon Eubank has served as first counselor in the general Relief Society presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Relief Society helps provide leadership and resources for 7.5 million people in 162 countries.

Closing Keynote Speaker: 

Dr. Dave Schramm

Utah State University 

3 Needs and 5 Keys for Creating Better Connections

We are all born with the three needs of Safety, Satisfaction, and Connection. For most, connection within family relationships bring some of the greatest joys and yet disconnection and digital distraction can bring painful heartache. We know that in particular, parent-child relationships are protective against problems with pornography.  Drawing from his “positivity pyramid,” personal examples, and computer keyboard, Dr. Dave will share 5 science-backed “keys” for creating better connection between parents and children, including learning to become a first “RESPOND”er rather than a nuclear “REACT”or.

Known as “Dr. Dave” on campus and across the country, Dave Schramm is an associate professor at Utah State University in the department of Human Development and Family Studies. He appears on television monthly on Fox 13’s “The Place” and he shares tips and videos on social media to help individuals, parents, and couples thrive in their life journeys.


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Who is the UCAP Conference for?


Community leaders making decisions that create respectful, family-friendly communities. Church leaders inspiring people to rise above their challenges. Educators ensuring safe schools and teaching smart Internet use. Health professionals helping people heal from the damaging impact of pornography. Law enforcement connecting the dots between pornography and crime in our communities.


Parents preparing children to safely turn away from pornography when they see it. Family members committed to support each other as they face the challenges of today’s media. Fighters determined to find recovery for themselves and their loved ones. Families using technology to restrict the reach of harmful content. Grandparents teaching positive values to keep their families safe and happy.


Teens standing for freedom from distorted and damaging sexualized media. Young adults taking charge of the influence of media on their relationships and their life. Friends helping friends live happier lives free from pornography. Citizens raising awareness of the public health crisis of pornography in our society and leading community actions that make a difference.

We'll see you at the conference!